What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

With the onset of Social Media and the immediacy that millennials and those who are becoming mobile customers require and demand, Marketing Cloud is the only tool on the market that is delivering this experience and the information a company needs to meet these demands.


For the past 7 years I have been primarily working within Sales and Service Cloud in Salesforce. I have not given much thought to other Salesforce Clouds assuming they were really all tied up into one platform and organizations user licenses were the difference. It has only been recently while working closely with my organization’s marketing team specifically the Social Media team that I have become aware of Marketing Cloud.

We found a big disconnect with the various Social Media tools and connecting them with our customer data. We needed a tool that would allow us to be able to see our customer’s full profiles while also allowing us to manage our Social Media and Marketing communications. Also as we exploded on our own Social Media outlets we found the need to integrate Customer Service and Experience with our Salesforce profiles so that we could provide better service to all of our customers and potential customers.

We demoed the Marketing Cloud while at the Boston World Tour Day in April. The demo just gives you a brief glimpse of the power and features within the platform. As we started to research tools that could solve our problems we kept coming back to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Here it seemed all of our problems would be solved. We would be able to integrate into our current CRM pulling a full view of our current customer profile. We would be able to better market and communicate with our customer’s especially those who are completely mobile.

The platform also replaced a Social Media tool we were using to manage our communities separate from our customer base. By using Marketing Cloud we are able to combine both our Social Community and our Customer base. This allows us to stream line the Customer Service Experience across all channels from Personalized Emailing, Text messages, and Push Notifications to being able to respond to both Positive and Negative Social Media Sentiment. This an extremely powerful tool for a modern company to put into place to better handle and oversee their Customer Experience. This helps you have a real time 360 view of your customer base and your social community in a way that we have not been able to before. With the onset of Social Media and the immediacy that millennials and those who are becoming mobile customers require and demand, Marketing Cloud is the only tool on the market that is delivering this experience and the information a company needs to meet these demands.


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The 3 Things I Wish I knew about Salesforce in the Beginning…

When I first was introduced to Salesforce I didn’t know anything about CRM at the time. As I jumped into the deep end and started self-training through the available videos in 2009 I had no idea just how versatile the platform would become. The initial training videos were nowhere near as comprehensive as the current Trailhead training platform. As the years have progressed there have been times when I have thought “this would have been easier if only I had known this in the beginning”. I have picked the top 3 things I wish I had known in 2009 as I started immersing myself in the world of Salesforce.

  1. There is more than Sales Cloud to the Salesforce platform. Get to know Service, Marketing and App Cloud. Your company may only use one Cloud but App cloud is available to everyone and can open your platform up for customization and integration through multiple API’s. The more acquainted you are with all of the Salesforce Clouds the more likely you’ll be able to pass certification (if you want too) and if you ever end up moving onto a new company using a different Cloud.
  2. The Success Community is amazing and very friendly. Any questions or concerns you have there is someone willing to give suggestions and solutions. Every single question I have posted in the Success Community someone has responded and helped me think thru a solution. There are numerous Salesforce groups on LinkedIn with open membership who respond to posted questions and concerns as well.
  3. Sandboxes!!!! I had no idea what a sandbox was the first 3 years of Salesforce diving. Now every change, new field, or validation rule I build is activated and tested in a sandbox. Everyone has at least one developer Sandbox, though it’s limited on the amount of data that can be put in it at least you can safely test all of your changes to ensure success. Activate it as soon as possible and start building and testing.

Of course as you go along in Salesforce, building Sandboxes and positing in the Success Community remember you know more than you realize. Everyone is willing to share, educate and succeed together. Salesforce is one of the best IT and CRM Companies in the market. This is not because of the platform alone but because the people who work for Salesforce and those who work within the platform itself that make it one of the best CRM’s available. I wish I had known just how much would change in the last five years, I would have blogged sooner.

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