Prove Your Worth With Social Media Even if your CEO is not On-Board…

    Social Media is a powerful tool now. It is no longer a personal outlet to entertain yourself with on your down time (of course it is still primarily used this way). Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and Instagram are all-powerful public media tools that allow us to get important (and not-so important) information instantly via our smartphones, tablets, email and computers. These outlets are now powerful tools that every working professional should have a crash course in to understand how effective these social media outlets truly are.
     Besides having your own personal and professional experience with these outlets it is also a major tool to use at work regardless of what industry you are in. Everyone is using them so you should too. Here is the thing; there is a large population of “Executives and CEO’s” that put no stock in these forms of communication and media. Boy are they living under a rock or have buried their heads in the sandbox. If anyone is keeping up with current events they know just how powerful Social Media is. Grass root movements are changing the political scene using their smartphones, hash tagging all over the internet and insta-gramming everything from their cat to a police officer who pulled them over for running a stop sign.
     As anyone in the IT field knows user adoption is only effective if it comes from the top down. In Salesforce for instance we know that a platform will be successfully implemented when the CEO and the Executives are all on board. If there is any sign of hesitation or the “big-wigs” are not in on the conversations user adoption is going to trickle. Once the executives see the bill of sale and the lack of activity things usually have to pick up from their point of view or the ship is going to sink. The same goes for having a Social Media Marketing plan of any kind. Of course since Social Media is public domain and everyone can use these outlets personally and professionally it does not mean your company will sink. This means there is an opportunity for you to show off some unusual skills and innovation that could propel you directly into your executive’s line of sight.
      This does not mean you should start tweeting or posting status regarding your company tomorrow. This is an avenue for a great deal of growth but there is a fine line between personal and professional that we all have to see clearly. Researching regulations for your particular industry is always a must especially for those working for public offices and financial institutions. Since Facebook became public across the globe Human Resource professionals have had to come up with clear and defined rules for their employees regarding Social Media. This doesn’t mean Social Media is left out when it comes to a marketing scheme it just means; keep it clean and strictly professional.
      Of course best practices also say to keep your personal Social Media completely separated from your professional. There have been too many instances of Social Media outlets leading to job loss. You do not want something you posted on a Social Media outlet being used negatively against you at work. I am only suggesting that there are skills you have gained from using Social Media that could be useful in promoting your career path and growth. These said same skills could help your company advance their own Marketing and Sales goals if done correctly.

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