CRM; what is Customer Relationship Management?

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management is basically a system for managing a company’s activities and data with current and new clients or customers. Usually the system used will organize the customer’s data, track communications, evaluate revenue deals while also tracking sales and marketing and even support services. A good CRM helps keep the data up-to-date and has extensive reporting capabilities.

So why is CRM important? It is DATA! Data is pertinent to the well-being of your company for one. Data is always important. If you have a sales focused company then a CRM will keep track of current and future deals but also give you forecasting for future goals as well as historical tracking and data stats to see where you can improve. It teaches you and houses your important data so of course it is important!

Social Media has revolutionized how we work professionally and how we receive information personally. A good CRM program will have adopted a form of social media to aid in user adoption but also to promote internal communication and information sharing.

Data makes the world go round. Data is not something you ignore or disregard. Data is precious and should be handled with care. Good clean data cane make or break your company. Collecting your data into the right CRM and making it accessible through a cloud option could free up time and save money for your company in the long run.

These are just a few reasons why I like CRM’s. I am slightly biased as to which one I think is the best of course. My CRM is constantly growing, learning, educating and reading outside the box. No one program is perfect but if you want a user friendly system that takes some of the best features of social media and encourages constructive feedback then you may want to consider They are one of the largest growing cloud CRMS in the business. Their entire community is user friendly and more than happy to welcome you in. Do not just take my word for it, remember I did say I am slightly biased.

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