Welcome to Reality, Save Fantasy Living for the Dream World

I find that nowadays there is a flood of fantasy books and movies that take us away from reality on a constant daily basis. It seems everyone is constantly searching for an escape from reality. Is everyday reality so difficult to live with that we have to spend half of our time trying to escape it? I remember when I worked in a customer contact center that when we were not taking calls we constantly gossiped about celebrities, movies and anything that had nothing to do with our professional work or lives. It was as if we avoided it at all costs because who wants to talk about reality or work life while working?

I am an avid movie go-er. I love to go to the movies with my husband almost on a weekly basis. I also have a pretty extensive movie collection which ranges from Disney movies for my toddlers to action thriller movies for my husband. Personally I have a pretty extensive fantasy collection and period pieces so I can completely relate to those who want to escape into an entertaining movie.

Escapism into fantasy worlds via a movie, television show or a really good book is part of life. I find that too many of us today start “escaping” reality by inventing a life we want to have and imagine living in but we fail to put it into action in “Reality”. We are safer imagining a fantastic life filled with adventures but just get by every day with the humdrum reality. We do not live in our reality, we exist. How is that living? Just getting by or existing is not the solution to living nor is it the answer to whatever problems we may have. Welcome to reality; it is tough, it is hard and most of the time it is boring. It happens to everyone.

The problem herein is that the majority of us do not realize that we are truly the masters of our own fate, regardless of any belief system. You control the path your life takes. You decide at some point in your life that you are second rate and by thinking that consciously or unconsciously the actions you take will follow the mind set. Therefore you will have created your own proof that you are indeed second rate and will have a second rate life. The decision you have to make is whether the past will continue to dictate your future. Or if you will look at yourself in the mirror and decide that you are perfectly you. You hold the keys to the life you will have. You will take responsibility for you, you make your own truth and you create your own reality. When the reins of your life are in your hands and you are directing the path and actions you take reality will become better than any fantasy.


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