Tips and Tricks for Using Social Media For Job Hunting

Now that Social Media has reshaped the world of job hunting we need to know where to begin our professional life via social media. The first place to begin with (if you haven’t already) would be LinkedIn; create your professional profile. Your professional experience and all the gritty details you add to this profile should mimic your resume or vice versa. Recruiters and companies are all over LinkedIn.  This site has become the new virtual recruiting grounds for most companies and HR departments. On LinkedIn you can list your work history, your accomplishments, certifications and education as well as connect across professional boundaries. You can participate in group discussions and seek advice on various topics professionally and personally depending on the group and posting.  LinkedIn also has the ability to apply directly to job postings (similar to what Monster is able to do through their site).
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Besides getting yourself set up on LinkedIn you will want to create a Twitter account. Your Twitter account should be strictly professional while using it to obtain a job and creating your professional profile online. It is good practice to use your whole name in your Twitter handle and try to focus your tweets and re-tweets on your particular industry and career field; if you are looking to change fields and industries than it would be good to follow and tweet information for your known industry as well as the new field of interest. It is always good to have a wide range of topics than to limit yourself to only one subject matter. You are likely to lose followers that way or not attract the followers you really want.

The other Social Media tool which everyone is already using personally and professionally is of course Facebook. There are 5 apps that Facebook has to help with job hunting and building professional relationships. Branch out; this is Facebook’s version of LinkedIn where you can connect to be people professionally, BeKnown; (which connects you to Monster) which connects you to job posting boards via monster without leaving the Facebook platform, Identified; which is a recruiting app through Facebook which gives you a number or “score” based on your education, work experience, and work environment (the more details the better). The last two apps through Facebook are; Jobvite and Facebook’s Social Jobs Partnership both of them connect you to job posting databases. Jobvite allows you to check the status of a job application and Facebook’s Social Jobs partnership allows you to find and share new opportunities with your friends and family. Whether you check out all 5 apps or just one or two of them you are bound to find one that will help you with your job search.
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Besides the various social media applications out there ready and waiting for you another good tip I found was to start and maintain a professional blog. If you find that your resume lacks extensive experience for certain job postings that you have come across and you are feeling down because of it don’t get discouraged. Start a free blog and share the wealth. This is the best way to show your knowledge and how you have put it to use and can put it to use for a new employer. You may not have the required years of experience but it doesn’t mean you are not qualified. As I said already SHARE THE WEALTH. People are writing blogs everywhere and they are free. Why not share your knowledge with the world and maybe someone will read it and think “I need this person on my team”. Gmail has a blog site connected to Google Chrome; is also a popular site as well as Find a blog page that works for you and start writing for everyone to see. The more knowledge you share, tweet and post the more likely someone who matters will start taking an interest in what you have to say. So why wait any longer? Go out into the social media world and show them what you know!

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